Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Beautiful books - on screen!

This month at Albury Books, we have been having some fun creating gorgeous fixed layout eBooks from our picture book catalogue. As we have an extensive list of children’s books, we’ve been experimenting with the digital content we can create for children, while making every effort to maintain the incomparable charm of a printed book.

What is so lovely about our digital versions of each title, is how the quality of our digital production enables an eBook to be seen as a viable and convenient alternative to print, without having to compromise on the quality of a printed colour book.

Whilst nothing compares to the experience of reading a physical book, creating high quality eBooks for children means they can experience all the magic of their favourite stories and characters, even when they are out-and-about. Of course it also means that it’s no longer necessary for their parents or guardians to lug around a bag full of heavy, increasingly dog-eared books all day - great news all round!

Childrens books on screen – a great way to read when we are on the go! 

Many authors and illustrators are also turning their works digital to supplement existing print editions, and it’s a great way to revive dusty backlist titles! Another reason that digitialisation is becoming more and more popular, is the financial attractiveness in the one-off cost to create digital files. Once ready, these files can be put up for sale and because there is only the nominal creation cost to recoup, the profit margins on mid to long-term sales of eBooks are often very attractive.

Increasingly, we have also seen demand for digital picture book creation as a way for authors and illustrators and small publishers to test new products in the market. While a book has much more charm in its physical format than when presented on a screen, a title’s digital popularity can be an invaluable tool for gauging the viability of funding a print run for small publishers and individuals alike.

If you’ve created a children’s book and think that digitalisation could complement your current offering, we can offer you the tools to make it a reality. You don’t need to be a tech-wizard and you don’t need to spend a fortune! Our digitalisation options are diverse, and with some technical magic we can also add some extra sparkle to your digital children’s titles with animation and sound.

Whether you want to bring characters to life with simple animation, or have the story read to the child with word-synced audio, the diversity of our digital capabilities means that we are able to provide a wide range of affordable options to all our customers.

With our no obligation samples for fixed layout eBooks, you can see for yourself the impressive quality of our digitalisation work. If you are impressed - which we’re sure you will be - we’ll create the final versions for you to sell direct.

To find out more about our eBook services, or to enquire about getting a fixed layout sample, contact us today.

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