Friday, 28 February 2014

The Launch of Miriam Halahmy's 'Stuffed' with Blackwell's in Portsmouth

Wednesday was a very exciting day for everyone at Albury Books

After lots of hard work from all involved, Stuffed, by Miriam Halahmy, was finally printed, bound, and ready to be released into the reading world... 

To celebrate the publication of, StuffedMiriam Halahmy's latest addition to, The Hayling Cycle, we travelled down to Portsmouth for the launch party, which was very kindly hosted by the wonderful staff at Blackwell's.

Miriam Halahmy Stuffed Albury Books
Miriam Halahmy at Blackwell's Portsmouth for the launch of Stuffed

A great thanks to Jo and the rest of the staff at Blackwell's Portsmouth from everyone at Albury Books for putting on such a wonderful evening (and also for painstakingly stuffing all of the canap├ęs in honour of the title! - They were delicious!)

For those unfamiliar with Miriam's books, Stuffed, is the third addition to her engaging cycle of novels, all of which are set on Hayling Island. 
Hayling Island

The Hayling Cycle, tackles important, yet often uncomfortable issues with intriguing and imaginative prose, which encapsulates the teen voice perfectly. Each book provides an enlightening portrait of struggles that people trapped by circumstance are forced to endure. 

Miriam's first addition to the cycle, Hidden, focuses on immigration, and unravels some of the reasons why people seek asylum and society's reaction to it from a teen perspective. 

Following on from this, Illegal, deals with the day-to-day pressures and decisions many young people are forced to face as they grow-up exposed to a life of drugs and crime.

The Hayling Cycle

In each story, major characters from one will often appear as minor walk-on characters in another, weaving an interesting web of relationships and interactions between the lives of each character. 

The intriguing way in which Miriam has crafted the Cycle, means that each novel is a stand-alone story of its own, but by reading all the books, your overall reading experience in enriched through a familiarity with the wider character base. 

Stuffed, is the story of Jess and Ryan - teenagers who are falling in love, but both of whom have secrets they need to face up to the reality of...

Jess is fifteen, Ryan is seventeen and they are falling in love. But each is keeping a terrible secret from the other. On a weekend away rock climbing they move closer until a terrifying incident drives a new wedge between them. Can Jess save her family from Dad's mistakes and will Ryan resolve his mess from the past? If not, then their loved is doomed to failure. 

 Heartbreaking, painfully clear and filled with suspense, Stuffedis a really great read for people of all ages. We've just had the first review come in from Books, Teens & Magazines - who have given, Stuffed, a brilliant four stars!

'...the story is realistic and interesting, and when you close the book at the end you are left wondering what the future will hold...'
- Books, Teens & Magazines

Read the full review here

Stuffed, and the rest of The Hayling Cycle, is available now from the Albury Books fiction store, and from all major online retailers and select book shops.

Hannah @ Albury Books