Thursday, 19 September 2013

Big Books, Small Books, Soft Books, Hard Books, Flat Books, Shiny Books, Matt Books, Board Books, Bath Books, Pop-up Books... Shoe Books?!

Here at Albury Children's Books, we do lots of interesting things with books to enhance them beyond just the words and illustrations...

The first thing that many people think of when publishing a children's book, is whether they would like their book to be hardback or paperback. But beyond this, what is there? The waters can become a bit murky, and the endless options available to authors and illustrators are often, sadly, not fully explored.

In order to make sure that both our authors and those thinking of publishing with us can discover the huge capabilities that we have on offer here, we have put together a few examples of some of the more exciting book production options that we are able to fulfil. Enjoy!

Board Books

Board books come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, plus their design is easily customisable so our authors can incorporate unique elements, just like the picture on the left. These board books have handles incorporated into the binding so that they are easy to carry around, or attach to a buggy.
In the picture on the right, each board book within the collection features a different story topic. The books fit snugly into a sturdy presentation box, making them both easy to transport and a great gift item for young children.
Sometimes though, no matter how hard you try, small children will try their very best to tear their much loved books limb from limb, leaving you with a pile of torn pages... Not so with this spiral binding option. With a spiral bind, the pages of a board book are held firmly together by the plastic spiral, meaning that little ones can try their very best to pull, tug and throw them down the stairs, but the pages will remain intact, firmly threaded onto the spiral. Genius!

Waterproof Books

Bathtime - an essential, but wet and stormy end to each day! With waterproof books like those shown in the pictures, you can distract the little Poseidons from trying to flood the bathroom with a good story...

Pop-Up Books  

Pop-up books are great fun for all ages. The surprising joy that each pop-up page brings to readers, both old and young, is something that can be used as a great tool to enhance understanding and encourage the enjoyment of reading. 

We all had our own favourite pop-up books as a child, and now with advancements in technology and digital printing, we are able to create increasingly detailed and intricate pop-up designs, as seen in the picture on the top right. On the top left, the pop-up fruit you can see is an example of pop-up books being used to encourage interaction with a book's narrative. Finally, you will see a wonderful example of a pop-up that can be detached from the book and hung up, keeping a physical reminder of the story, even when your book is safely back on the shelf. 

Unusual Books

The imaginations of authors, illustrators and creatives are often filled to the brim with brilliant ideas that stretch beyond the boundaries of a printed page... If you are one of these people, we would love to help you create the book of your wildest, most inventive dreams. Take a look at some of the examples below to get a flavour of the lengths we can and will go to for our Albury Books authors and illustrators... 

 A book with an accompanying puzzle... Not so puzzling to create though!
A book with 3D fabric elements.... Nobody is going to be pulling funny faces like these if you want to create children's books like this!
A book with an accompanying toy - a great idea for authors who plan to have merchandising created to develop a brand for their books...
Books in unusual shapes -  these are fun, and brilliant for festive occasions like Halloween, Christmas and Birthdays. You could even have a one-off, personalised book made in the shape of a gift for your child's birthday...

The options are virtually endless. Whatever you want, we can create.

So, now you can see for yourself that we are able to make some truly amazing books here at Albury Books, but we would like to finish off by showing you that we can also make normal books too! Big books, small books, harback books, paperback books, shiny books, matt books and everything inbetween books...

(Yes, we know that the monkey one has an amazing cover... not quite a 'normal' book, but then again, who wants normal when you can have extraordinary?)

Albury Books

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